Piolo Pascual: Keeping his promises

Piolo 5

Keeping your promises is truly one of the greatest thing you can ever give to your loved ones especially your family. As most of the relationships are built with trust and promises, we aim to care, to secure, to protect and to provide. Everyone of us, including Piolo Pascual knows how to value his promises and commitment as a loving and responsible father to his son.

Piolo 2

In as much as we wanted to live a comfortable life, it is inevitable to encounter financial troubles in the family. Indeed, it challenges our promises of security and stability for our loved ones.

“Like any other person, I want to give my family the best life possible. I am a man of my word, that’s why I work hard and seize every opportunity that comes my way,” Piolo said.

“But more than just earning money, it’s how you manage your finances that makes a difference. Fortunately, I have the guidance and help of one very special lady: my very own sister, Chiqui Pascual-Gonzales, who also happens to be my Sun Life Advisor.”

According to Piolo, Chiqui has been instrumental in ensuring that his dreams for his family will all come true.

“It’s a partnership through and through. With her help, I’ve been able to make it all happen while still pursuing my own passions and advocacies,” he said.

Truly, it is a good feeling to build partnerships that are beneficial and nurtured through the years. Piolo and Chiqui’s story is one of the many Sun Life Financial stories wherein we can learn valuable lessons specifically investing for a stable future. With this  kind of heartwarming stories, Sun Life’s latest campaign draws its inspiration in the client’s life throughout different stages. It represents the many promises that Sun Life has helped bring in the past 123 years of its existence.

Sun Life hopes that the campaign, as well as Piolo’s own story, will inspire more people to take the same path in their financial journey.

“As the longest-standing life insurance company in the Philippines, we have witnessed many promises being fulfilled throughout the years and have served generations of clients. It is an honor for us to serve all our clients and help them secure their future and those of their loved ones” Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa said.

Piolo 4

“The promises we make to our loved ones are sacred, and Sun Life knows this. That’s why it’s committed to helping its clients achieve their goals, no matter what happens,” Piolo said. “You can’t ask for a better lifetime partner than that!”

It is indeed inspiring to build partnerships and trust with our own Financial Partners that aims to help us achieve our dreams and goals and at the same time. helping us fulfill our promises to our loved ones for a better, brighter and more stable future.

Thank you Sun Life for being our best financial partner!

About Sun Life Financial

Sun Life Financial Inc. (“SLF Inc.”) is a leading international financial services organization providing insurance, wealth and asset management solutions to individual and corporate Clients. Sun Life Financial has operations in a number of markets worldwide, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bermuda. As of December 31, 2017, Sun Life Financial had total assets under management (“AUM”) of $975 billion. For more information, please visit http://www.sunlife.com.

Sun Life Financial Inc. trades on the Toronto (TSX), New York (NYSE) and Philippine (PSE) stock exchanges under the ticker symbol SLF.


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